Loyalty platform

Cater to the needs of each customer segment and reward your customers like never before with our loyalty solutions.

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Loyalty Solutions
Loyalty platform

Loyalty platform

Construct comprehensive loyalty schemes, ranging from simple pointing systems to full-fledged loyalty solutions for white label mobile apps. Cater to the needs of each customer segment with Fawry Points Hub.

Points Hub

Provide your customers with the most flexible range of redemption options, covering both financial and nonfinancial transactions:

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Points Hub
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Earn & Burn

Customers earn points for each purchase, incentivizing them to keep purchasing to unlock new rewards. Set the minimum number of points needed for eligibility to burn, the time window during which a customer may burn points and the dates by which a customer’s points will expire.

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Tiers program

A specific plan designed to aid customer segmentation based on points earned. Use Points Hub to set tiered earning and expiry rules.

Special Events
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Special Events

Businesses looking to boost sales on a special occasion may use this plan to alter the rules for rewarding points on purchases of certain items or in a certain product category.

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Reward customers with special gifts once they complete a certain number of transactions or break a certain tier.

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