pay by link

Don’t have a website?
pay by link is your ultimate solution to easily manage all your customer payments.

Customers will select their preferred and convenient payment method to pay you instantly!

Pay By Link

Quick setup.

Begin accepting payments in 15 minutes.

Honest pricing.

Only pay for successful transactions.

All payment methods.

The best localised experience.

Fawry Accept’s pay by link platform gives you access to an easy-to-use dashboard. Upon receiving order details, the system automatically generates a link leading to the invoice, sent to customers via a range of supported communication channels, contains all order details and leads to the FawryPay unified checkout page.

Depending on your needs, Fawry’s pay by link platform can

  • Generates single invoices for one-time transactions.
  • Set up recurring invoices for periodic or monthly payments.
  • Send a specific invoice to multiple customers in one go.
  • Widen your commercial reach.
  • Enjoy up-to-date payment tracking reports outlining the popularity of given products and payment methods.
Fawry’s Pay By Link platform can

No website.
No problem

Don’t operate an e-Store? No problem. Whether you do business on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook or through call centers, or you are looking for a way customers can pay directly for specific services or subscriptions, Fawry Accept’s pay-by-link platform provides a simple and convenient experience designed to keep your customers within easy reach. Receive payment at any time and place.

No Website. No Problem

Pave the way for your customers with variety of Payment methods

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  • visa
  • mastercard
  • meeza
Card Payments

Visa, Meeza & Mastercard

Meeza Wallet
Mobile Wallets

All banks and MNOs

Reference Code

194K retail outlet in Egypt

Cash on Delivery
Cash on Delivery

Integrated cash on delivery solutions

Loyalty Points
Loyalty Points

Accept payments by points/vouchers


Worry-free purchases and later payment

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