Omni channel checkout experience

Change the payment experience landscape of your business with Fawry Accept

FawryPay provides your customers with a seamless, omnichannel, checkout experience. FawryPay available through your web portal, using POS machines, on mobile and chatbot, or through mobile POS.


Mobile Wallets

White label mobile wallets offered at your customer convenience with a lot of features & benefits where the information of the user will be saved once upon registration, offering loyalty programs upon paying with the wallet, offers, vouchers & tickets.

Mobile Wallets
Installments Programs

Installments programs

Tap into Egypt’s rapidly growing consumer credit market. FawryPay offers a wide range of installment programs to suit your business needs:

Company-specific Installments
Company-specific Installments

FawryPay allows you to provide installment solutions directly to your customers, who can pay their installments through reference code entry at Fawry’s retail POS network or by card through Fawry Accept.

Consumer Finance Installments
Consumer Finance Installments

FawryPay partners with third-party businesses financing product purchases from specific brands, offering collection services through the Fawry retail network and Fawry Plus branches.

Bank Installments
Bank Installments

Customers can use Fawry services to monitor whether their banks offer installment programs for the purchase of certain products.

Auto-collection Installments

FawryPay offers automatic collection from customers’ bank cards, providing payment request mobile notifications.

Customized Installments
Customized Installments

With FawryPay, customize your own installment programs to cater to your specific business needs.

start accepting your payments the way you prefer

As a valuable merchant with Fawry Accept, adapt any channel to reach your clients the way that suits your business. You can mix and match any set of channels we offer and start accepting your payments the way you prefer.

  • Web portal
  • POS machines
  • Mobile POS
  • Chatbot
  • Mobile
Channels Available

Reference Code

Payment at Fawry retail network

  • visa
  • mastercard
  • meeza

Card Payment

Mastercard, Visa, Meeza


Mobile Wallets

User bank or mobile operator wallet


Your Branded Card

Single purpose card, yet usable !


Banking Channels

ATMs, IVR & internet banking

Payment Types

Cash on delivery
Reference number
Pay by Link
Instantly at the checkout
Schedule payments
Automatic Subscription
Refund transactions
Loyalty solutions
QR code
Online Operational Support

Online Operational support

  • Order listing
  • Order details
  • Order status (picked, dispatched, delivered)

Integrated delivery services

Fawry’s integrated delivery services allow businesses to track delivery systems and order status, while providing shipment fee calculations and an express service option. All order, payment and delivery durations are displayed on a single dashboard.

Integrated Delivery Services
Customer Experience Like Never Before

Customer Experience like never before

  • Using the FawryPay checkout gateway, your customers can order a product and request home delivery or to pick it up at your brick-and-mortar location.
  • Customers may order a product using FawryPay solutions and receive it at any Fawry Plus branch.
  • FawryPay’s full refund capability allows merchants to generate a refund voucher with a unique code which is then redeemed by the customer for cash at the Fawry retail network or at a Fawry Plus branch.

An unmatched range of payment solutions

  • FawryPay has teamed up with couriers and shipping companies to provide your business with a payment on delivery capability that supports both cash and card payments.
  • Payment by reference code at Fawry’s retail POS network or at any Fawry Plus branch.
  • Pay By Link, generated by SMS, through a call center, or as a shareable link.
  • Instant payment at checkout.
  • Automatic subscription payments through Fawry Accept’s in-house subscription and billing system.
  • FawryPay offers a full refund capability. Save money on providing cash refunds: customers who have paid for their purchase by reference code receive a one-time-password that can be redeemed for cash at any Fawry POS. FawryPay also supports online card refunds. Refunds are executed according to your established refund policy and may include full or partial refunds.
  • Customers can use promocodes to pay by loyalty points. Using FawryPay, you can offer customers special incentives to pay with their bank cards, generating instant transaction vouchers to be used in payment.
Range Of Payment Solutions
Full Suite Of Payment Methods

FawryPay is the only Egyptian checkout portal supporting a full suite of payment methods

  • Reference code entry at Fawry’s retail POS network
  • Payment by card – including MasterCard, Visa, and Meeza
  • Payment through bank-operated digital wallets or other digital wallets provided by mobile network operators. If you do not currently operate a digital wallet, you can use FawryPay to offer one.
  • Digital wallets allow a customer to pay online or in-store by scanning a QR codes or by inputting their wallet number and mPIN for authentication, while harnessing customer data to continuously improve service through loyalty programs, special offers and vouchers, and ticket deals.
  • Payment through banking channels such as ATMs, IVR, and e-banking.
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